Natale con Coop e Flat Bag

This year, Coop Italia has decided to produce paper bags with a holiday design, creating an image of Christmas with a fun game suitable for the whole family. On one side the graphics reproduce a plate decorated with Christmas images, and on the other fun placeholders that can be cut out and personalised with the names of guests. The aim of the initiative is not only aesthetic: the idea arises from the desire to stimulate the consumption of a product – the paper bag – that after carrying out its function of carrying the groceries can have a second environmentally sustainable life. In fact, the durability of the Flat Bag allows it to be reused several times, and, thanks to its thin structure, it can be kept in the house with minimum clutter. Thanks to this game, it can also become a fun diversion for children…while parents put away the shopping!

fiorfiore COTECHINO PARMIGIANO + shopper carta shopper_carta_ZEN

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