Biofach 2017

For the second consecutive year Flat Bag participated at the Biofach trade show in Nuremberg, an international exhibition dedicated to the world of organic products Once again the Flat Bag shopper was the subject of great interest among visitors, consisting mainly of buyers of important food chains, supermarket owners, and some organic producers. What struck most those who visited the Flat Bag booth was the remarkable strength of the bag, personally tested with a traction test by every visitor. In addition, the guarantee of certified raw materials, the absence of phthalates in the glues and inks used, mainly water-based, make the Flat Bag naturally suitable for the organic world. The booth was also customised by visitors who could leave a comment written on the wall, made specifically with a blackboard paint. The comments left truly gratified us and stimulate us to continuously improve, to increasingly ensure an environmentally friendly and innovative product.

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