Baule Volante chooses Flat Bag

Baule Volante, a well-known Italian brand of organic products, presented a new graphic look at the Sana trade show in Bologna, which undoubtedly attracted the attention of all the event’s visitors. Consistent with the name of the company, the new image of Baule Volante evokes dreams and lightness, with subtle lines and soft colours, though not undercutting the very bold declaration of its mission: «The future is an organic story». The commitment we found in this business is the constant search for innovative products that maintain their respect and protection of nature. That is why we are very pleased to have been chosen as their supplier for Sana, where a beautiful bag with coordinated graphics was presented. Baule Volante also promotes the use of ecological shoppers at all its stores, and in particular our paper bag, also through Effetto Arcobaleno, a commercial initiative reserved for independent organic shops that, by adhering, receive free 40 Flat Bag customised with the initiative’s logo. For more information 

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