Flat Bag the revolutionary flat bottom paper bag

To be in line with the new market conditions, it was necessary to find a product that could combine resistance, cheapness and eco-sustainability characteristics: here is the origin of the paper shopper Flat Bag, realised with a patented technology in terms of cheapness and production speed. The finished product is made of two parts: the flat handle and the flat bottom bag. The absence of the square bottom makes the bag adaptable to the goods placed inside: the bottom naturally takes its shape when the product is placed, with the advantage of lower encumbrance both when stocking and when using the shopper.


FLAT BAG the revolutionary space saver paper bag

Flat Bag is a bag that, by its structure, is flatter than the traditional paper shopper. In addition, Flat Bag is made with a lower grammage of paper than the average: actually, for the Havana brown paper the grammages used go from 50 to maximum 70 g, while for the white paper they go from 50 to 80g, based on the size. In this way the volume occupied by the bag is reduced, and it’s possible to place on average about a 20% more of bags inside a standard sized box. Of course this also means saving 20% in storage and transportation expenses!