It can carry
more than 10 kg
of weight

To guarantee the maximum endurance, still maintaining a low grammage, Flat bag regularly uses a particular paper: long fibre pure cellulose. This characteristic allows the paper to stretch before tearing and to carry the goods in complete safety up to 10/15 kg, based on the size chosen.


Because it’s Fsc certified®

Fsc® certification guarantees the chain of custody safeguard and so the full respect of the forests the paper produced to make the Flat bag comes from. A serious commitment the company decided to undertake for the environment.


Because made with virgin fibre

It’s not always certain the recycled paper can be recycled again. The paper normally used to make the Flat Bag, being virgin fibre, it’s instead always recyclable and the use of natural glues and inks doesn’t limit the bag recycling.


Because made with paper

Flat Bag it’s compostable by its own nature, being entirely made with paper. Furthermore, the use of phthalate-free glues and water-based inks make Flat Bag an easily biodegradable product.


Because it has longer life

Flat bag’s great resistance allows you to re-use it over and over again before it breaks. It’s been estimated it can be used on average 3-4 times more than a common paper bag. Furthermore, being it a very thin bag, it can be easily stored at home, in the car and even in a purse for later use.


Because it adapts to its contents

Flat Bag’s shape makes it suitable for carrying diverse types of products: thanks to its endurance it can carry remarkable quantities of weight and thanks to the possibility of personalising the bag with one’s own brand, Flat Bag is also used as marketing and promotional instrument.